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 The Honorary Hierarchy Act

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PostSubject: The Honorary Hierarchy Act   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:41 am

The Honorary Hierarchy Act of 1500 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All RPers

The PURPOSE of this act is to distinguish good RPers from the community and give rewards to those who RP well.

Defining Honor

The hierarchy of honorary system is as follows:
[The order is from highest honor to lowest honor]
    Roleplaying Community
  • Honorary Roleplayer
    • the Honorary Roleplayer is THE highest degree of honor you can receive in Tiberiam Roleplaying Community. This indicates that you have contributed greatly to the roleplaying community that you deserve the honor and the responsibility of being amongst the top roleplaying members.
    • Honorary Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • Moderating the Roleplay… and thus understanding the rules of Tiberiam RP.
      • Including newer Roleplayers into the RP in int’l and national threads
      • Starting at least ONE domestic (national) RP thread every RL month.
      • Updating database ONCE per RL month.
    • Benefits of being a Honorary Roleplayer
      • non-restricted expansions
      • Petition for TWO extra resource allocation of choice anywhere in the map... this benefit will, however, be reset should the HRPer lose the position.
      • extra voice (two votes instead of one) on EVERY SoC choices. However, second vote must be tossed via thread post or notified via TG or PM.
      • Privilege to become SoC should SoC leave lengthy period of time (approx. 1 RL month) without no notice or heir.
    • Criteria to become a Honorary Roleplayer
      • Meet Tier 3 Database Requirements
      • Fill out “Honorary Request Forum” Provided in the Office of Secretary of Culture subForum
      • Petition for the title in “Desk of Honoraries” thread in Office of Secretary of Culture subForum
      • To be ACTIVE in ROLEPLAYING community for 3~4 RL weeks
      • Final approval by Secretary of Culture or other Honorary RPers

  • Ancient Roleplayer
    • the Ancient Roleplayer is the Expert Roleplayer who has been in Tiberiam for a very long time. A stunning example of Tiberiam Roleplayers, but not THAT studding, as probably the ONLY reason why he/she isn’t in the Honorary Roleplayer rank is because he/she is too lazy to apply for such prestige.
    • Ancient Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • same as Advanced Roleplayer’s
    • Benefits of being an Ancient Roleplayer
      • Leniency in absence penalties (as in SoC is more likely to forgive Ancient Roleplayers for long period of absence instead of de-ranking him/her)
      • SOME leeway in rule-breaking (SoC will be likely to forgive the Ancient Roleplayer for breaking the most technical of rules IN ORDER TO KEEP THE ROLEPLAY INTERESTING.)
    • Criteria to become an Ancient Roleplayer
      • The Roleplayer HAS to be an Expert Roleplayer
      • The Roleplayer MUST have been in Tiberiam community for a “long time” (period of over a RL month)

  • Expert Roleplayer
    • the Expert Roleplayer is Advanced Roleplayer with EXCEPTIONAL roleplaying abilities. While not quite as responsible as Honorary Roleplayer, the Expert Roleplayer has certain proved him/herself to be one of the best of the best Roleplayers in Tiberiam.
    • Expert Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • Same as Advanced Roleplayer’s
      • Also… to NOT be a jerk
    • Benefits of being an Expert Roleplayer
      • Same as Advanced Roleplayer
    • Criteria to become an Expert Roleplayer
      • Exceptional Roleplaying Skills acknowledged by SoC and Honorary Roleplayers
      • The Roleplayer HAS to be an Advanced Roleplayer

  • Advanced Roleplayer
    • the Advanced Roleplayer is a roleplayer who takes roleplaying a tad bit more seriously than aCasual Roleplayer. He/she wants to stick around the Tiberiam Roleplaying a bit more, and experience the full potential of the Roleplaying Community.
    • Advanced Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • Update the Database at least ONCE every TWO RL months.
      • Be active: post in international thread at least ONCE a every RL month, ONCE in somewhere in Tiberiam every RL weeks
    • Benefits of being an Advanced Roleplayer
      • Able to get innovations/inventions approved for his/her country in “Desk of Patents and Innovations” in Office of Secretary of Culture
      • Able to adopt an Anonymous from “Desk of Anonymous” in Office of Secretary of Culture.
      • SLIGHT restricting in expansions.
      • Able to apply for leaders of technology in “Desk of Technology” in Office of Secretary of Culture.
    • Criteria to become an Advanced Roleplayer
      • Database MUST meet requirement for Tier 2 Database
      • Stayed in the Roleplaying community for decent amount of time (2~3 weeks)
      • Must have roleplayed in AT LEAST ONE (1) international thread and THREE (3) domestic threads (CAN NOT be your own thread)
      • Request prestige in the “Desk of Honoraries” thread in Office of Secretary of Culture subForum.
      • Petition of request accepted by either the Secretary of Culture, Honorary Roleplayer, or Administrator of the Forum.

  • Devoted Roleplayer
    • the Devoted Roleplayer is a Casual Roleplayer that has contributed to Tiberiam Region in general in more than being part of the membership. This is the MAXIMUM prestige that one can obtain as a Casual Roleplayer in Tiberiam Roleplay honorary titles.
    • Devoted Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • Same of Casual Roleplayer
    • Benefits of being a Devoted Roleplayer
      • Same as Casual Roleplayer… just an honorary title
    • Criteria to become a Devoted Roleplayer
      • Contribute to Tiberiam in a way that is acknowledged by either the SoC or Administrator of the Forum.
      • MUST be a Casual Roleplayer

  • Active Roleplayer
    • the Active Roleplayer is a Casual Roleplayer that has posted quite a few times in Tiberiam. This post count is done with both the OOC, RP subForums, and other subForums in Tiberiam. It doesn’t have to be strictly RP post counts.
    • Active Roleplayer’s Responsibilities
      • Same as Casual Roleplayer
    • Benefits of being an Active Roleplayer
      • Same as Casual Roleplayer… just an honorary title.
    • Criteria to become an Active Roleplayer
      • Have a post count of over 200 posts.

  • Casual Roleplayer
    • The newcomer to Tiberiam Roleplay. Those who are either starting up the RP or just do not take RP all that seriously.
    • Default Privilege of Casual Roleplayer
      • Be able to apply for a spot in the Roleplay
      • Able to Roleplay in both International AND National RP SubForums.
      • Make suggestions and comments to SoC in Office of Secretary of Culture.
      • Apply for higher positions in the Tiberiam RP hierarchy.

    NON-Roleplaying Community
  • APC Roleplayer
    • The APC stands for All-Playable Character… MEANING that this Roleplayer’s nation is playable by EVERYONE.
    • A Casual Roleplayer BECOMES APC when they have been on unnotified hiatus for far too long. This timeframe is determined by SoC or the Admins.
    • Any other Roleplayers who has been on hiatus for more than 3 weeks becomes demoted into one rank lower than his/her rank (HRPer >> Advanced RPer, Advanced RPer >> Casual RPer, Ancient RPer >> Advanced RPer, etc.). This process continues every 2 weeks until the Roleplayer comes back or the Roleplayer becomes Casual Roleplayer. Afterwards the same rule applies to Casual Roleplayer becoming an APC.

  • NPC
    • The NPC (Non-Playable Character) is made-up entity that can be controlled by anyone. An NPC nation can be made up by ANY Roleplayers to make the Roleplay interesting. Although this particular nation-creation is relatively loose in restricting, creating too extreme of NPC (mostly ridiculously strong NPC fighting alongside you, etc.) is frowned upon.

  • Anonymous Roleplayer
    • An Anon is basically a Roleplayer who wants his/her identity covered. This is privilege of Advanced Roleplayer and above. This can be requested in “Desk of Anonymous” in the Office of Secretary of Culture.
    • Under petition, ANY roleplayers, including the Casual Roleplayers, can obtain this privilege, however. TGing the SoC with the right reason should be enough to get access to Anonymous.

    non-Interactable Community
  • Isolationistic Roleplayer
    • Any player applying for extensive leave (more than 2 weeks) can apply to become “Isolationistic,” where it does not interfere with the Tiberiam Roleplay while still keeping all of the previous country’s data.
    • This can be applied in the “Desk of Isolation” in Office of Secretary of Culture subForum.

Distribution of Honor

The distribution of Honoraries shall be done by the Administrators under request from the Secretary of Culture. SHOULD the Secretary of Culture hold the Administrative privilege as well as the office of Secretary, then this can be bypassed.

The initial honor for ALL Roleplayers new to Tiberiam will be “Casual” regardless of situations. Should the old member that has left Tiberiam BEFORE the enactment of this Act come back, his/her previous Roleplaying history will be judged, and the honor will be distributed accordingly.

Consequence of unnotified Hiatus

As stated in the “Defining Honor” Section, prolonged, unexplained, unnotified hiatus WILL cause ANY Roleplayer in ANY honor to eventually rank down to APC Roleplayer status. Once this occurs, ANY Roleplayer with a wish can certainly utilize this APC to his/her advantage in the Roleplaying Community. Should there be a change made to the APC Roleplayer’s Country DURING this phase, this is permanent change. Meaning, ANY Roleplayers in the community bears full responsibility to notify the Roleplaying Community PRIOR to leaving the community for prolonged period of time. This measure is in place to ensure that the Roleplaying Community continues regardless of presence of absence of a single Roleplayer, who we do not know whether he/she is still wanting to Roleplay or not.

Subject to Changes

This Roleplaying Enactment is created with the purpose of rewarding diligent, devoted Roleplayers while punishing those who leave the Roleplaying Community without notification. SHOULD this rule miss this purpose, it is subjected to changes and or disenacted in order to preserve the Roleplaying Community under the authorization of the Secretary of Culture.

The Secretary of Culture takes all responsibilities as well as all authorities for this enactment. He may relinquish or relay said authority to any other individuals to assist in supervision and preservation of the purpose of this enactment. However, the ultimate decision and ultimate responsibility lies with the Secretary of Culture always.
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Posts : 363
Join date : 2011-08-04
Age : 27
Location : Seoul, South Korea

Honor: Advanced RPer
Advanced Roleplayer

PostSubject: Re: The Honorary Hierarchy Act   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:47 am

The Honorary Hierarchy Amendment of 1500 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All RPers

Until further notice, the Honorary Hierarchy Act of 1500 HE will be amended by the following changes:

  • The "Ancient Roleplayer" class, the "Expert Roleplayer," class, the "Devoted Roleplayer" class, and the "Active Roleplayer" class will be held null and void status.
  • No Roleplayer in Tiberiam shall be given the said classes, and any Roleplayer fitted into these classes will be given a new ranking depending on the requirements of the active Roleplaying classes.
  • No Roleplayer can request SoC or Admin or any authority figure in Tiberiam to require a Hierarchy that belongs to the said classes nor any classes that functions similarly to the said classes with different names.
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The Honorary Hierarchy Act
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