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 Database Requirement Act

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PostSubject: Database Requirement Act   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:28 am

Database Requirement Act of 1500 HE
Approved by: Rasvidi (Admin)
Edited by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All Nations

Defining Database

1. All nations with a database must be on the map. Nations that are currently occupied by a foreign country are exempt from this.
2. Nations need to have been forum members for at least 48 hours to ensure they will be active in the future.
3. Databases will be deleted if the user is inactive for more then a month, unless notice has been given that they will be absent for longer (IE vacation, moving, etc).
4. Currently, users can post in eachother's databases. If this results in abuse, then this privilege will be suspended and only the nation of the sub-forum will be able to post in it.
5. All applications go in the applications thread.
6. For economic statistics, divide everything by 10 (including population), except for GDP per capita, unemployment rate, tax rate, and exchange rate.

New Database Requirements and Database Tiers

This is NOT an exhaustive list of things to put into database. Rather, this is BARE MINIMUM of what should be in the database to obtain a defined "tier."

Tier System is used for different purposes. These can be found in different part of the acts of the rules as a defining factor of divisions in Tiberiam Roleplaying Community.

The Tier system is assigned with a "checkup," which is initiated by SoC. This checkup is unannounced and irregular in intervals. During those checkups, SoC will be evaluating the Databases based on the spreadsheet below. Once a verdict is given, SoC will be posting the results in the Office of Secretary of Culture (or Department of Culture) as well as to edit the subtitles of the subboard with the said ranking.

  • Tier 1 (for all Roleplayers wishing to participate in the RP)
    • Economy Condition: Tier 1 (copy and post from NSEconomy)
      • Be sure to divide EVERYTHING besides Income Tax Rate, budget % rate, GDP per Capita, Unemployment Rate, and Exchange Rate
    • Military Condition: Tier 1
      • How much of your population is military?
      • Maximum number of military you can have as a country is [total_population * 3~10%]
      • Maximum number of ACTIVE military personnel in your country is [max_#_total_military * %_defense_budget]
      • Rest of number of military personnel REMAINING after you subtract active military personnel from your maximum number of military is RESERVE military personnel.

  • Tier 2 (for all Roleplayers wishing to advance to “Advanced Roleplayer” and beyond)
    • Military Condition: Tier 2
      • How much of your militaries are devoted into each branches of military (airforce, navy, ground, special forces, etc.)
      • Number of machines in service (# of tanks, # of fighters, etc.)
      • Has to be LOGICAL numbers
    • Economy Condition: Tier 2
      • Regular update of economy… every THREE months
    • Government Condition: Tier 2
      • Explain BRIEFLY what government type your country is in (Democratic, Tyrannical, Autocratic, etc.)

  • Tier 3 (for all Roleplayers wishing or applying to “Honorary Roleplayer”)
    • Military Condition: Tier 3
      • BRIEF description of military divisions (ex. Country A’s ground army has lasting tradition that has survived the revolutionary times and beyond, etc.) [One Line description accepted]
      • BRIEF description of secret service (ex. The Federal Army Corps, or FAC, has been in the service of protecting the country from harm by adapting the tactic of “covert preemptive strike” to strike at what could be the potential target of the country.)
        • [I HAVE to assume that everyone has their own special forces… if not, however, make a simple line like, “Country B’s chivalrous culture laughs at the secret societies that other countries have.”]
    • Economic Condition: Tier 3
      • BRIEF description of the economy (market economy, command economy, etc.)
      • Main produce of the country (oil, corn, metallurgy, military technology, etc.)
    • Government Condition: Tier 3
      • BRIEF history of government
        SUBSTANTIAL information about government type
      • BRIEF description of branches of government (ex. President: President Meister Nano, Vice President: VP Lincoln Maddox, Minister of Death: Grimmy R Black)

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Database Requirement Act
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