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 Space-Time Correlation Act

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PostSubject: Space-Time Correlation Act   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:21 am

In good many RP threads, there has been an issue of this. And now since I am the victim of one, I believe that the urgency of this should be addressed. (I am such a selfish SoC… someone sue me!)

The SpaceTime Correlation Act of 1499 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All Nations

This Act has been created in order to make everyone’s lives easier with the current system of space-time continuum. Firstly, let’s look at the current space-time problem: while our current time system is “one RL day = 4~5 RP days,” there are certain threads (i.e. summits and peace talks) that take several RL days while realistically it only took one RP day.

Now, this isn’t an issue in most cases. However, there are times when a nation is committed into multiple different meetings. In such cases, what will happen? Does the entire Tiberiam freezes up for one happening? What about updates that happen in the rest of the world that needs to be addressed as well?

Definement ofSpaceTime

However, for the sake of RP’s continuum, RP time will remain at “one RL day = 4~5 RP days.” Therefore, in order to stop confusion, each RP threads will be classified as the following zones:

  • Parallel Time Zone
    • This zone follows the standard RP time of 1RLd=5RPd.
    • Mostly used for warfare or otherwise real-time threads
    • This Zone continues its flow of time regardless of RP activity in the thread.
    • This Zone expires once the thread’s conflict or event is over.

  • One-Day Time Zone
    • This zone is frozen in one day.
    • Used for Summits and Delegations, where meeting of different nations’ representatives meet.
    • This Zone is only stuck on one day until it is completed.
    • This Zone expires once the thread’s conflict or event is resolved.

  • Stopped Time Zone
    • This zone is, for all intents and purposes, frozen in time
    • Used for “News” threads.
    • However, by the request of anyone, this can be altered (and altered back) to Parallel Time Zone and One-Day Time Zone.
    • This Zone never truly expires.

These Zones will be set automatically once the thread has been established. There is no need to fret about the zones in the RP. They have already been in place before, and I have simply defined and classified each of them

Rules ofSpaceTime

A simple to follow rules for the defined zones is as follows.

  • In the case where a need for two Parallel Zones to collide, they may do so in the RP times. In other words, the connection happens naturally and without restrictions.
    • Ex. A conflict between two nations can escalate into larger conflict by merging another conflict between two separate nations.

  • In the case where a need for two One-Day Zones to collide, unless the zones have started both in the same RL day, they may not.
    • However, for the sake of efficiency and RL time management, should a need arise where a news or information must be transmitted between two threads, that is possible.
    • Ex. While delegates of Meeting A cannot meet the delegates of Meeting B, the result of Meeting A (even if the meeting has started after Meeting B and it has yet to end) can be relayed to Meeting B and vice versa.

  • In the case where a need for Stopped Zones to collide, they may do so. However, any collision must respect the dates of each zone’s posts.
    • Ex. News A thread’s 1489 HE post can contain matters from News B thread’s 1349 HE post. However, News B thread’s 1350 HE post cannot include News A thread’s 1489 HE post because it did not happen yet.

  • Should a need arise that characters from any time zones must exist in multiple threads, the following rules apply:
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more Parallel Zones at once, Such is possible, given that the character has not died.
      • Ex. As long as General K did not die in any of the threads, General K may exist in multiple different conflict threads.
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more One-Day Zones at once, As long as the threads did not start on the same day, this may occur.
      • Ex. Delegate C can attend Meeting A and Meeting C (because Meeting A and C did not happened on the same RL day), but Delegate C cannot attend Meeting A and Meeting B (because Meeting A and B happened on the same RL day)
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more Stopped Zones at once, such is possible as long as the character does not cause the case of “future sight.”
      • Ex. Leader X can be in the press conference in both News A and News B, but if News A happened before News B, the Leader X cannot know what happened in News B in News A.


I know it is confusing, but I have the situation under control. Should a need arise where I need to revise this rule, I give any SoC the power necessary to revise this rule. If there is any questions, please refer to me (Oscalantine) or current SoC to see if you are doing things right.

Also keep in mind that this was an unspoken rule that everyone followed. I just decided to create a rule to clarify certain things.

Well, happy RPing!!!
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Space-Time Correlation Act
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