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 Roleplay me!

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PostSubject: Roleplay me!   Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:34 pm

Dear Tiberians,

I have been submerged in college these past few weeks, and thus, am relinquishing my nation for free role-play, under some guidelines.

1. Capitalism rules. Think the free-market of America.
2. Social issues: Liberal, accepting.
3. Financials: Try not to rack up a lot of debt, pls.
4. All regular rules still apply. (This means things such as you can't annex Donk, or have complete control over it, or steal ("buy") all of my resources, etc. NOT an exhaustive list.)
5. Military Issues- try to stay neutral unless provoked or imminently threatened.
6. Any questions? PM me, I'll get an email notification of your question.
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Roleplay me!
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