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 Government Officials

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PostSubject: Government Officials   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:23 pm

Isis Rakael Government Officials

President and Commander-in-Chief: Jiri Iroh
Age: 64
Height: 6'2
Weight: 230 lbs

The president of the ASIR and the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Isis Rakael. Jiri Iroh is a former member of the Isis Rakael Security Council (IRSC) and the commander of the Isis Rakael Army. He personally commanded the army during the Tiberiam War of 1492 HE, leading them to key victories on multiple fronts and paving the way for eventual victory. A man loved by the people and the military as a whole, he is a man both for the people and of the people, unlike his presidential predecessor, and works hard to assure long-term stability for the nation as a whole. His somewhat radical views have led to sweeping changes throughout the nation, most notably the introduction of a democratic government structure and the reduction of the political power that the IRSC possessed. While not as isolationist as former IR leaders, Iroh still mains a policy of non-interference with the affairs of the outside world. He has, however, opened up free trade with outside nations, something done rarely in the past. Tourism, once outlawed, has been permitted within certain areas and has seen steady growth, though obtaining the proper documentation the Rakaelean Border Patrol demands for entrance can be a nightmarish process for foreigners.

Iroh has a wife, Laura Iroh (though she has never been seen or mentioned in RP), but no children. Despite his love by the people of Isis Rakael, Iroh has never been comfortable in social situations, preferring to delegate announcements or summits to his Vice President or corresponding Secretary, though when necessity demands, he will do what needs to be done. He is a shrewd tactician in war and will, from time to time, oversee war games being conducted by the various military branches, offering advice. Military commanders show him grave respect and many of his tactics are being used.

Vice President: Martin Kennison
Age: 57
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185 lbs

Martin Kennison is the Vice President of the ASIR and long time friend of Jiri Iroh. Kennison has little experience in war, but lends his expertise in dealing with the members of Congress, for which President Iroh is greatly appreciative. Kennison will also, at times, be dispatched by the president to make appearances for formal events both within the nation and without. The Vice President has little executive power, unless the President is incapacitated, slain, resigns, or is removed from power, but is still an important political figurehead.

Secretary of Agriculture: Karl Mårtensson
Secretary of Energy: Michael Jensen
Secretary of Education: Sara Müller
Secretary of the Treasury: Paul Schulze
Secretary of the Interior: Robert Nieminen
Secretary of Transportation: Emma Järvinen
Secretary of Labor: Samuel Lidstrom
Secretary of State: Mark Lautens
Secretary of Commerce: Anders Holmstrom

Isis Rakael Security Council

IRSC Chairman: General Milan Reitz
IRSC Member, IRA Commander: General John Kostyk
IRSC Member, IRA Vice-Commander: Lieutenant General Dennis Fischer
IRSC Member, IRAF Commander: General Gregers Larsen
IRSC Member, IRAF Vice-Commander: Major General Remi Amiel
IRSC Member, IRN Commander: Admiral Jana Sokolic
IRSC Member, IRN Vice-Commander: Vice Admiral Oskar Allard

IRSC Member, IRNEC Commander: General Nathalie Eriksson
Age: 56
Height: 5'9
Weight: 132 lbs

The President aside, General Nathalie Eriksson is the most powerful person in Isis Rakael, holding in her hands the nuclear arsenal of Isis Rakael. She is the commander of the IR Nuclear Engineer Corp, the branch of the military devoted to the research and development of nuclear-powered technology and weapons of mass destruction. She has served in the military for 32 years, rising quickly through the ranks due to her brilliant mind and innovative designs. In times of war, she is rarely called on to attend Security Council meetings as the role of the IRNEC is not designed for the quick pace of ground, naval, and air combat. However, as the situation arises, she is called upon to offer suggestions on how to deal with extremely hardened enemy targets and whether a kinetic strike could be safely executed to allow front line advancement. In the use of nuclear weapons, however, her input is not only asked for, but required. IR law commands that the President and the members of the IRSC must be in agreement before a nuclear weapon may be detonated. In cases where two branch Commanders may cast a negative vote, as long as the IRNEC Commander and Vice Commander, whose branch not only develops the warheads, but maintains the arsenal and who knows and understands best the destructive power of the weapon, vote favorably, the warhead may be detonated. If the IRNEC Commander votes negatively, the warhead cannot legally be detonated unless the President receives unanimous support from the rest of the IRSC.

IRSC Member, IRNEC Vice-Commander: Major General Anna Pahlberg
Age: 24
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs

At 24, she is the youngest member of the IRSC and the second in command of the Isis Rakael Nuclear Engineer Corp (IRNEC). Anna Pahlberg is a scientific genius and graduate of Civa-Orchestra's top university, holding a Doctorate Degree in Nuclear Physics, as well as Masters Degrees in Thermodynamics and Mechanical Engineering. At the age of 12, she was already enrolled in university courses and considered one of the most brillant minds in the nation. At 16, she wrote a thesis on nuclear physics that caught the eye of both the President and IRSC and led to the development of the next generation nuclear warhead. At 20, after much courting by General Nathalie Eriksson, she joined the IRNEC and was instrumental in the research and development of new nuclear reactors needed to fuel Rakaelian aircraft carriers. At 23, she was summoned by President Jiri Iroh himself and asked to sit on the IRSC, a place reserved for the current commanders of 4 military branches. This offer and her acceptance was initially opposed by the IRSC members due to Pahlberg's lack of combat or leadership experience, but was ultimately accepted when Iroh and Eriksson explained it could simply be no one else. She had a level of knowledge and understanding of both the scientific and mechanical aspects of the Nuclear Engineer Corp that no one else could rival and that leadership experience did not need to come from a battlefield, especially for a position within the IRNEC: hers came from taking the lead on some of the most innovative R&D projects in recent history. She was given the rank of Major General to fit her new position and give her the authority to command where necessary.
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Government Officials
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