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 Military Strength

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PostSubject: Military Strength   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:22 pm

The financial information shown is current. - IR, 07/01/12

Defense Budget$15,284,365,101,522.56
Total Military Personnel30,000,000
Active Duty Personnel12,000,000
Reserve Personnel18,000,000

Average Expenditure per Active Troop$333,333 annually
Average Expenditure per Reserve Troop$55,555 annually

Total Expenditure for all Active Personnel$4,000,000,000,000 annually
Total Expenditure for all Reserve Personnel$1,000,000,000,000 annually

Isis Rakael Army (IRA)
Active Personnel: -
Reserve Personnel: -

- Tanks
- Armored Personnel Carriers
- Infantry Fighting Vehicles
- Recon Vehicles
- Towed Artillery Pieces
- Self-Propelled Howitzers
- Rocket Artillery
- Air Defense Vehicles
- Towed Anti-Aircraft Guns
- Helicopters

Isis Rakael Air Force (IRAF)
Active Personnel: -
Reserve Personnel: -

- Strategic Bombers
- Medium Bombers
- Fighters (This number includes 210 Tritan IRF-7 Vukasin stealth fighters.)
- Attack Aircraft
- Tankers
- Recon and ECM Aircraft
- Transport Aircraft

The pride and joy of the Rakaelian military, the Isis Rakael Air Force is one of the largest and most advanced air fleets in the world. Understanding the necessity of air superiority and the support needed by ground forces, the IRSC has poured trillions of Niflmarkes into the Air Force to make it both feared and respected. Partcularly deadly is the Tritan IRF-7 Vukasin, the Air Force's newest weapon, a stealth fighter capable of supersonic speeds while maintaining complete invisibility to enemy radar. While stealth technology is not a new technology in Isis Rakael, many advances have been made to reduce the chance of detection and be able to slip in and out of enemy airspace. There are reports that the IRSC is funding a new project regarding their bomber fleet, but the IRSC has made no official comment on the rumor.

Isis Rakael Navy (IRN)
Active Personnel: -
Reserve Personnel: -


- Cruisers
- destroyers
- frigates
? Submarines – [This information is currently classified by order of the IRSC.]
? Aircraft Carriers – [This information is currently classified by order of the IRSC.]
- torpedo boats
- minesweepers
- submarine-hunters
- carrier aircraft

Isis Rakael Nuclear Engineer Corp
Active Personnel: -
Reserve Personnel: -

[This information is currently classified by order of the IRSC.)

Though, by far, the smallest branch of the Rakaelian military, the IRNEC is, by far, the most powerful, wielding more power than the other three branches combined. The IRNEC is responsible for the research and development of nuclear weapons. Though Isis Rakael is the most nuclear nation in the world, possessing an arsenal nearly double that of the next closest nation in terms of deployable warheads, the IRNEC continues to research the development of more powerful weaponry. This branch of the military is the least used of the three, and in fact, prefers is that way. If the IRNEC is called to action, all diplomacy has failed, all-out war has been declared, all options have been exhausted, and there is no other choice than to deplay a weapon that will scar the world for decades to come.

The IRNEC is also responsible for research into orbital bombardment, having successfully launched and test-fired a satellite capable of delivering a kinetic strike using a 20-foot tungsten rod equipped with rockets, fins, and a heat-shielded nose cone designed to repel the heat of the earth's atmosphere and prevent warping of the rod upon re-entry. Upon firing, the result is a wave of destruction comparable to a nuclear detonation, but without the radiation fallout. This technology is currently experimental.

Descriptions of the different branches will be added later.

*My equipment totals were derived by looking at Rasvidi's numbers and taking into account the defense budget. So not to absolutely overwhelm everyone, I have tapered down my numbers to level the playing field a bit more.
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Military Strength
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