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 Simple Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: Simple Roleplaying Rules   Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:38 am

Simple Roleplaying Rules

The following rules are simplified version of the Rules that are in the "Vault of Rules" section of the Department of Culture. These rules MUST be respected in ALL Tiberiam Roleplays. Violation of these rules either results in a direct warning, the violated post being ignored by the RPing community, and or having permanent National Statistics alteration.

Rule 1: Distinguish between IC and OOC post
  • All posts in [Tiberiam Roleplaying boards] will either be OOC or IC, with exception of Department of Immigration
  • IC indicates In Character in which case a post must be in third person setting in a narrative fashion responding to the RPer's country's actions.
  • OOC is a casual speak that is outside the storyline of Tiberiam RP. This can be in first, second, or third person.
  • All OOCs MUST be indicated that it is an OOC, otherwise it will be considered an IC. Popular way to indicate an OOC is just to write it out (ex. OOC:) or bracket the post ([["quote]]).

Rule 2: Punctuation and Grammar
  • All posts in IC must be written in full sentence with correct punctuation.
  • The minimum posting requirement for any post is THREE SENTENCES. Any post shorter than this shall need to be edited.
  • All dialogues made by individuals of the RPer's country (kings, leaders, civilians, generals, etc.) MUST be in quotations (" ").
  • Correct grammar is encouraged, but not mandatory. However, failure to improve on simple grammar structure over very long period of time is considered punishable.

Rule 3: godmoding, Auto-hitting, Futuristic
  • All RPers must abide by the rules of godmoding, and auto-hitting in all of Tiberiam's IC posts.
  • Godmoding is called upon when a player's army seems unstoppable and or does not leave room for failure. In other words, it is immortal, invincible army with no weakpoints. Unless planned, these actions will be considered null and void.
  • Auto-hitting is called upon when a player controls or automatically assumes that certain action has taken place by another player's faction or individuals. Unless these moves are planned, they will be considered null and void.
  • Any weapon or technology that seems futuristic must FIRST be checked by SoC and the Tiberiam Roleplaying Community in [Desk of Patents and Innovations]. Should said technology does not meet the standards of modern period set by the SoC in the desk approval or has not been approved at all, the said technology will be rendered null and void.
  • However, in non-cannon RPs in Tiberiam, such as Medieval and Future, timeframe in those RP boards may differ, and thus the "Futuristic" claims will not affect those RPs the same way

Rule 4: Spending
  • Outrageous spending by any country is frowned upon by Tiberiam community.
  • Should spending be considered too much by the SoC or the Tiberiam RPing Community, a player will be given a warning to fix this problem.
  • However, should said practice continue, a rating will be discussed in [Desk of Credit Control] to deem which punishment is suitable.

Rule 5: Activity
  • Tiberiam encourages users to post at least once a week.
  • Should a player be inactive for over a month without a prior notice, the said player's country will become an APC, or All Playable Character, until his/her return.
  • In accordance to APC rules, any change that happens during the time that player's country has become an APC is permanent.
  • For extensive leaves, please give prior notice to SoC or drop a thread in the Department of Culture, or simply fill out a form in [Desk of Isolation] in the Department of Culture board.
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Simple Roleplaying Rules
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