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 How to use Office of Immigration

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PostSubject: How to use Office of Immigration   Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:06 am

Hello everyone!

I suppose unless you are a member who came back to help the new members, I am greeting Newcommers of Tiberiam. And I say WELCOME!!!

Now, Tiberiam is one thing, and Tiberiam Roleplay is whole another beast. Tiberiam is a rolepaly-based NationStates region, and for that reason, we have a big focus in Roleplaying. However, Tiberiam RP is very difficult to get involved in, as we have experienced.

So we are here to help you out!

This ENTIRE sub-board is for helping new Tiberiam Roleplayers to get started in Tiberiam RP. So you can get started by dropping down a thread of introduction (like "Hello world!" or the likes) in this board to let us know that you are here and want to Roleplay. I am sure someone will walk you through the process of calculating your economy, calculating your military, and land claiming to ensure that you are situated in the Roleplay!

[[So... how DO you get situated into the RP?]]

Getting into the RP is rather simple. Usually there will be someone who will help you step by step, but if you want to do things alone or you just cannot wait to get started, here is a few steps that you MUST take before you can Roleplay in Tiberiam.

  1. I assume that you are from NationStates and is or was formally in the region Tiberiam, yes? If not, you should make an account in [NationStates] and join [Tiberiam] region! (for those that just doesn't want to join Tiberiam... just drop me, [Oscalantine] a Telegraph saying that you want to join Tiberiam RP. I'll let the community know.)
  2. Make a thread in this board. Just let us know that we have someone that we should help.
  3. Read the Simple Rules of Roleplay.
  4. Calculate your economy and post it in the thread that you just made.
    1. Go to [NSEconomy] and search for your nation's name.
    2. Now divide EVERY NUMERIC VALUE by 10 with exception of exchange rate and GDP per capita. Also don't divide percentages by 10.
    3. Post the results in the thread that you made from step 1.

  5. Calculate your military and post it in the thread that you made in step 1
    1. Remember [NSEconomy]? Well go there and look at your "Defense" budget under "Government Budget Details." Divide that by 10. That is your new Defense budget. Keep the % as is, though.
    2. Now, calculate 3~5% of your population (countries beyond 1 billion NS population should do 3% while lower should do 5%.). That is your Total Military Number.
    3. Now, remember your Defense budget %? Use that with your new Total Military Number. That is your Active Military personnel. The rest are your Reserve Military Personnel.
    4. Post ALL this in your thread from step 1.

  6. We are almost there! Now go to [Department of Cartography]. There, you will find a map claim thread. Click on it, go into it, and look at the map of Tiberiam. Find an empty plot that you like and post a reply saying WHERE you want to claim in Tiberiam map.
  7. One last step!!! You may start Roleplaying as soon as someone (admin or SoC) says that your claim in the map was noted. However, after 48 hours of joining Tiberiam RP, you should head over to [Desk of Database Request] to request your very own Database for your country! You will find examples as to who you should update your database from other countries that already made theirs. Also you should re-post all the things that you did in steps 4 and 5 in the Database as well.

And there you go! It is rather alienating process, and that is why we strongly encourage all new Roleplayers to find help. I, Steward of Culture, is always open to questions and assistance, so please feel free to drop me a PM or TG if you do not get a msg back. Most of the times, though, just post a thread in this board saying "hello everyone! I want to join Tiberiam RP!" will get people swarming to help you. So do give that a try.

Even after registering a name into Tiberiam Roleplay, the RP can be difficult to get into. When you feel lost, please contact me, SoC, or ANY of the Honorary Roleplayers (they will have medals below their names indicating that they are Honorary members). They are basically paid (lol...) to help you, so they will be more than glad to assist you in your endeavors.

If not, just drop a post here saying that you need help. I will be glad to assist you in any way possible! Or... someone will help you if I don't get to you in time. Keep in mind that Tiberiam ALWAYS welcomes new Roleplayers into our community. And as long as you keep accord to our rules, I do believe that we will get along just fine! ^^

Your Steward of Culture,
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How to use Office of Immigration
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