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 FINN Breaking News

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PostSubject: FINN Breaking News   Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:19 am

Fidelian Inernational News Network
Bringing you the news, as it happens.

His Royal Highness King Alexander II and Prime Minister Andrea Ulrich returned today from a two week stay in Kolbertiko, SSRL. While in The Republic at the request of President Marcus Omri, the two oversaw the final vote in the Lenyoan Senate to ratify the Tutela Treaty.

This mutual-defense agreement provides for the operation, by both nations, of extraterritorial military bases within the other's territory. Specifically, the Tutela Treaty allows for the operation of SSRL Air Force Bases on Fidelian soil, and Fidelian Naval bases on Lenyoan soil. The military bases will be constructed and staffed on a one-for-one exchange. The current wording allots for eight bases in each nation.
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The Soviet Socialist Republic of Lenyo, who has been plagued by pirates due to their nearly nonexistent protection of shipping lanes, originally proposed the idea with the hopes that the imposing Fidelian Navy would be better equipped to protect Lenyoan naval interests. Realizing the opportunity, the Fidelian Nationalist Party began a push for mutual-defense provisions in the treaty. Even the most pacifist members of congress were forced to acknowledge the value of relying on Lenyoan air superiority to defend Fideliara's currently unprotected skies. In what was likely the most intense Congressional hearing of the year the Fidelian Congress passed the treaty last month. With the recent ratification from the SSRL, the treaty will officially take effect later this year, though construction may start immediately in some places.

While much of the nation is charged with excitement, many worry about the treaty's conflict with Fideliara's professed neutrality. The exact language in the treaty only directly addresses peace-time operations, with the implication that support is not guaranteed during war. However, given the relationship between the two countries, it will likely be interpreted as a wartime defense agreement on the international scale. With Fideliara adopting a larger role in regional naval security and Lenyo taking responsibility for Fidelian air-defense it will be interesting to see how the international scene reacts.

In a press conference held after touching down at Alexandria airport Alexander II called the treaty, "... a step in the direction of a safer Fideliara. With a wider operational range of our navy and the use of the SSRL's air defense technology and craft we can sleep that much more soundly at night, knowing our borders are better protected than they have ever been."

In response to a question concerning the likelihood of a neutrality violation Prime Minister Ulrich interjected, "No treaty comes without risk. Certainly in times of war we cannot simultaneously protect Lenyo's trade and supply craft while maintaining open trade with their enemies and claiming to not have a stake in the conflict. No one has said that this comes without complications."

She would later go on to say, "...[the treaty] commits us to potential conflict but we should really consider what that means. The SSRL has been an ally and friend to our nation. We are very similar ideologically, politically, economically, and environmentally. Without trade from The Republic our economy would suffer greatly. Like it or not, even without this defense pact we rely heavily on their health and survival. It is time Fidelian's started realizing that.

The minister has been very vocal about the treaty over the past few weeks and its successful passing marks what some consider to be the cornerstone of her term. For now, the FNP has won its first major victory in the Senate. With elections drawing near, the treaty could have a large impact on campaigning for the party.

As always, FINN will bring you the latest updates as they happen. For international news, this is Jason Anders signing off.

-end segment
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FINN Breaking News
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