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 Economy, Government, and Policy

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PostSubject: Economy, Government, and Policy   Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:03 pm

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Lenyo is a communist democracy, which is nominally theocratic. Though its state religion is Roman Catholicism, there is no punishment for not participating or believing. Even the irreligious and members of the minority religions tend to attend Christmas and Easter Mass, as they are major cultural occasions.
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Lenyo is as dedicated to democracy as it is to socialism. All citizens (ages 16 and above) are required to vote in all elections, though ballots allow apathetic voters to choose 'none of the above.' Additionally, citizens have the ability to recall any official, whether in the government, workplace, or military. Government largely acts at two levels, local and national. All legislatures are unicameral. The national legislature has 2,400 senators, while every municipality and large rural area has its own soviet with 20 alderpeople. Mayors and the vice-president are given a vote when a tie-breaker is necessary. Senators serve six-year terms, while alderpeople serve five years (unless obviously recalled). Legislative elections are held twice a year.

Presidents serve 4-year terms unless recalled. No positions have term limits. Presidents appoint ministers, lead the executive branch, issue pardons, and command the military. However, they have no veto power over legislation.

January 2012 Legislative Elections by Party
Lenyoan Communist Party: 36%
Progressive Party: 29%
Moralist Party: 25%
National Front: 10%

Unlike most economies, which operate upon a strict top-down class-based superstructure, Lenyo's economy is highly democratic. Almost all decisions are decided by worker vote. However, commissars can set guidelines if productivity is extremely low.

Lenyo is a highly diversified, heavily industrialized country which leads the world in medical innovation. Other industries it excels in include heavy manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, chemicals, mining, and electric cars. Economists have criticized Lenyo's lack of light manufacturing, indifference towards tourism, and refusal to produce gasoline-powered automobiles. The SSRL's dedication to green technology can be partially credited to its dearth of oil reserves.

  • The SSRL is dedicated to the global expansion of state socialism and democratic economic organization in order to achieve communism. This tenet guides Lenyo's interventionist foreign policy, as it is the bulwark of socialism.
  • Lenyo sends generous aid to fellow members of the Socialist Bloc, nations with a planned economy and basic human rights.
  • Lenyo commends all welfare states, even those present in capitalist nations.
  • The SRRL is very open to immigration, especially refugees fleeing tragedy. Highly skilled workers and communist party members receive priority.
  • The Lenyoan constitution forbids torture in all circumstances, without exception.
  • The constitution also protects the freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, the press, petition, required search warrants, and a fair and speedy trial by jury. It also specifically forbids discrimination by race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, or immigrant status.
  • Lenyo leads the world in LGBT equality. In addition to full civil rights, transsexual medications and surgery are provided free of charge by the state.
  • The SSRL is dedicated to environmental conservation and wishes to create a broad, international coalition to end pollution and global warming.
  • The Lenyoan government believes political pluralism to be the bedrock of true democracy.

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From each according to their ability, to each according to their need
Workers of the World, Unite!
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Economy, Government, and Policy
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