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PostSubject: Military   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:16 am

Military Spending
Defense Budget $701.9 Billion 100%
Average cost per soldier (act. duty) $58,00049.58%
Naval Research/Procurement175.0 Billion 24.93%
Army Research/Procurement100.0 Billion 14.25%
Special Forces and Operations 15.0 Billion*2.14%
Nuclear Weapons Upkeep/Research38.9 Billion 5.54%
Joint Operations and Maintenance Budget25 Billion3.56%
*Special Operations budget is shared by Wolfshadow, FCU, and other small black-ops groups. As such budget numbers are an estimate and may not be exact figures.

Military Numbers
Total Military Number 60,000,000 19.32%
Active Duty 6,000,0001.93%
Emergency Reserve Force 54,000,000 17.39%

Branches of Service

Fideliara is home to an interesting structure of military division. The country has no Air Force, a huge poorly funded Ground Force, and a large well-equipped Navy. The Ground Force is comprised of citizens serving their mandatory time in the armed forces. The Navy, on the other hand, is manned nearly exclusively by lifetime servicemen and women.

Ground Force
Active Duty Strength: 4,000,000
Average yearly expense per soldier: $50,000
Funding: $300 Billion

Given the poorly funded nature of the Ground Force, weapons and systems are sought out as they become available as surplus from other countries, as such the exact number of systems in service is hard to guess. Most of the Ground Force's weaponry consists of small arms with engagement strategies relying on superior numbers and wars of attrition rather than superior technology. The Ground Force uses only the most battle-tested and reliable of weapons platforms. Common known weapon platforms used include:

9mm automatic PDW
.45 Caliber pistol
5.56x45mm automatic bullpup rifle
7.62×51mm semi-automatic battle rifle
7.62×54mm sniper rifle
7.62x54mm belt fed heavy machine gun
40mm grenade launcher
Shoulder-fired anti-tank rocket
Shoulder-fired fuel-air anti-personnel rocket
82mm mortar
7.62 mm emplaced minigun
23mm twin barreled emplaced flak cannon
Mobile anti-tank Railgun systems of an undisclosed caliber

Transportation mechanisms are also hugely underfunded but with a fair number of armored personnel carriers in service.

Type 90 armored personnel carrier ~40,000
armor: welded steel hull
armaments: 12.7mm multi-purpose machine gun

Despite not having an air force Fideliara fields a fair number of transport and escort attack helicopters.

2,000 Blackhawk transport helicopters

400 Chinook freight transport helicopters

300 CH-35E Super Stallion freight/personnel transport helicopters

300 Mil-mi 26 troop transport helicopters

800 AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters

Active Duty Strength: 2,000,000
Average yearly expense per soldier: $75,000
Funding: 325 Billion
Ships 392
Yearly fleet upkeep: 7.5 Billion

The Fidelian Navy is the pride of the country and the only section of the military to have its own research budget and labs. While it pales in comparison (spending-wise) to many of Tiberium's other naval powers, the Fidelian Navy is among the most well-respected for their commitment and professionalism. Having recently developed long-range railgun destroyers, Fidelian Naval strategy has switched to a largely defensive mindeset to protect the destroyers from submarine, air, and ballistic missile attacks allowing the Navy's superior range to rip apart enemy fleets from a safe distance.

60 Claymore-class Railgun destroyers
  • 32MJ Railgun cannon
  • 2x 72mm multi purpose gun
  • 50 VLS launch cells
    • 200 anti-air/missile missiles
    • 50 subsonic thermobaric cruise missiles
    • 50 vertical launch anti-submarine rockets

  • Sparrow Class anti-submarine helicopter

80 Kite-class AEGIS anti-air/missile defense destroyers
  • Electronic warfare suite
  • AEGIS ballistic missile defense system
    • 60 anti-ballistic missile missiles

  • 90 VLS cells
    • 400 anti-air /missile missiles
    • 90 subsonic thermobaric cruise missiles
    • 60 Vertical launch antisubmarine rockets

  • 127mm multipurpose gun
  • 2x 20mm automated missile defense gatling cannon
  • 2x 25mm manned gatling gun

60 Gladius-class multi role support Cruisers
  • 122 VLS cells
    • 122 missile mixed load-outs between anti-air, anti-missile, and anti-submarine
    • 8 subsonic thermobaric anti-ship missiles

  • 2x 20mm automated missile defense gatling cannon
  • 2x 54 caliber multipurpose gun
  • 6x lightweight torpedo tubes (double loaded)
  • 2x manned .50 caliber machine gun
  • 2x 25mm manned gatling gun
  • Sparrow Class antisubmarine helicpoter
    • 4x antisubmarine torpedoes

50 Talwar-class Antisubmarine Frigates
  • 32-cell VLS
    • 32 anti-missile missiles
    • 32 vertical launch antisubmarine rockets

  • 4x 324mm torpedo tubes
    • 16 antisubmarine torpedoes

  • 113mm multipurpose gun
  • 2x 20mm automated missile defense gatling cannon
  • 2x 7.62mm manned minigun
  • Sparrow Class antisubmarine helicpoter
    • 4x antisubmarine torpedoes

35 Buckler-class Ballistic Missile Defense Frigates
  • AEGIS ballistic missile defense system
    • 32 anti-ballistic missile missiles

  • 32-cell VLS
    • 64 anti-missile/aircraft missiles

  • 8 anti-ship missiles
  • 12 anti-ship/submarine torpedoes
  • 113mm multipurpose gun
  • 2x 20mm automated missile defense gatling cannon
  • 2x .50 caliber manned machine gun

32 Stiletto-class Multipurpose littoral ships
  • Shallow water operating capabilities
  • top speed 45 knots
  • modular design for multi-mission operations
  • Surface to surface thermobaric guided rocket launcher
  • 21 missile-defense missiles
  • 57mm multipurpose gun
  • 4x .50 caliber manned machine gun
  • 2x 25mm manned gatling gun
  • 2x 20mm automated missile defense gatling cannon

50 Bishop-class Ballistic Missile Submarines
  • 4x 533mm torpedo tubes
    • 12 heavy anti-ship torpedoes

  • 12-cell VLS
    • 12 high yield supersonic thermobaric missiles
    • 12 short range nuclear ballistic missiles

25 Knight-class Fast Attack Submarines
  • 4x 533mm torpedo tubes
    • 20 heavy antisubmarine torpedoes

  • 12-cell VLS
    • 6 vertical launch anti submarine missiles
    • 6 subsonic anti-ship thermobaric missiles

Fidelian Counter-terrorism Unit (FCU)

Founded relatively recently, the prestigious FCU is manned by the best the Fidelian Navy has to offer. Armed with cutting-edge technology, they are tasked with protecting the country from domestic and foreign threats. Teams are trained in bomb defusal, hostage negotiation tactics, stealth infiltration, and non-lethal force techniques. When not performing emergency counter-terrorism duties, it is assumed the teams serve government black-ops interests. Popular rumor insists that when not in combat situations some members participate in the Urban Combat League (UCL). But such rumors are unsubstantiated.

No sure estimates on numbers exist as their exact budget is unkown budget and their troops drawn from Navy personnel. To make matters more confusing, teams are numbered irregularly to further complicate estimations. Still, educated guesses place the force at between one and five thousand.


Fideliara's only real intelligence group. Wolfshadow was a side project of a previous monarch and Minister of the State. As such, Wolfshadow answers exclusively to the presiding monarch of Fideliara and the current Prime Minister. Signs point to Wolfshadow having Cyber Intelligence capabilities however, its primary asset is human intelligence. Members of Wolfshadow are taken in as orphans and raised as wards of the state to be masters of social infiltration, espionage, and subterfuge. Interrogation and intelligence analysis are also likely methods of data collection. Supposedly the agency is staffed solely by females, but no demographic is kept on agents so it is likely the public will never know the veracity of that claim. Reason would dictate the number of active agents be no more than 1,000 scattered throughout Fideliara and embedded in some foreign nations as immigrants. However, their network of human intelligence through contacts and informants (both knowing and unknowing) may be in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

Strategic Bulwark Automated National Defense System (SBANDS)

The crown jewel of Fidelian military strategy. SBANDS is designed to make even the most powerful military pause at the though of a full scale invasion. Discretely embedded in the cities, countryside, hills, forests, and mountain ranges of Fideliara are over 100 inconspicuous bunkers with hidden silos. Each is equipped with short-range thermobaric missiles with overlapping radii of fire. These bunkers are also capable of garrisoning troops and railgun-based artillery, providing hardpoint defensive structures for a full-scale invasion defense.

In the event of an invasion, the attacking army would be forced to destroy every bunker they passed or risk have their supply lines jeopardized. Additionally, any collection of troops large enough to draw attention to itself would risk being on the receiving end of a high-yield thermobaric barrage. In the case and inevitability of bunkers being overrun, every silo can also be remote and/or locally self destructed. As a matter of national security, exact defenses and missile counts in the bunkers is unknown.
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