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PostSubject: Overview   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:02 am

Fideliara is a socialist democracy state with a mixed market economy. While technically having a royal family, a unicameral Congress maintains all political powers. Its priorities focus on the nation's universal free healthcare system, with welfare and social policy programs also receiving significant funding. Military is also a significant expense ranging from ten to fifteen percent of Fideliara's GDP despite the country's professed neutrality.

Notable for its location above a majority of the world's accessible Uranium and Thorium stores, nuclear technology is a large government-owned industry, supplying nearly a third of Fideliara's energy grid. As such, Fidelian nuclear reactor technologies are among the best in the world. Nuclear materials and technology are also a major export industry. Analysts currently place Fideliara at a high risk for nuclear weapons proliferation.

Fidelian culture is militaristic in nature playing host to some of the most extreme and violent shows, movies, and games in Tiberium. Despite this, crime is extremely low due to significant funding of social programs and education. Fidelians are consistently found to be among the happiest and most contented peoples of Tiberium, enjoying one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the region. Comprehensive social policies keep a tight rein on discrimination and economic oppression, causing Fideliara to have one of the smallest class divides in the area.

Fidelian Broadcasting Company (FBC) is a media conglomerate that has made an industry of airing Fideliara's host of violent shows and sports to nearly every country in the region. FBC's leading program, the Urban Combat League (UCL), is perhaps the most watched individual sport in Tiberium. In addition to entertainment, the country is also home to the Fidelian International News Network (FINN), a leading source of regional news. FINNs educational and children's television shows also broadcast internationally.

The country's heavy regulation and avoidance of both capitalist and communist market models is a detriment to its economy. Sporting the lowest GDP per capita of the region, economic growth is a major concern for policymakers going forward. Increased trade, loosened regulations, and job stimulus packages are all currently being discussed by congress.

Fideliara's mandatory military service for both sexes includes mandatory combat training for all citizens. As such, it is hard to place exact numbers on their reserve capabilities. Active duty force, however, is maintained at around 4 million souls. While its Navy is well funded, the Army receives a nearly nonexistent procurement budget. Fideliara's greatest military asset is likely its defensive SBANDS system which nearly prohibits conventional invasion strategies. Nuclear stockpiles for Fideliara are believed to be on the order of 1,000 warheads or fewer.

Fideliara military maintains a non first strike policy and has never been mobilized outside of Fidelian borders. Preferring to solve international issue through diplomacy, the professedly neutral country is a strong proponent of collectivized regional governance.
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