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PostSubject: Economy   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:01 am

Economic System

Fideliara is a socialist welfare state with a controlled market economy. Most essential services are supplied by government owned corporations (GOCs), however the congress takes care to avoid the transition to complete communism. Free market does exist to an extent in those fields not owned by the government. However, even in those fields regulation on environmental impact, discrimination, and labor treatment is significant.

Economic Statistics
Exchange Rate 1 Fidels= $1.0339
GDP $6,706,246,000,000
GDP per capita $21,591.26
Unemployment 3.78%
Consumption $1,334,524,000,000
Gov budget $5,454,366,000,000
Gov expenditures $5,399,822,000,000
Gov Waste $54,544,000,000
Exports $773,607,000,000
Imports $801,708,000,000
Trade deficit $28,101,000,000

Natural Resources

Fideliara contains a large portion of the World's available supply of both Uranium and Thorium in it's southern mountains. The country is also home to healthy supplies of Aluminum, copper, silver, and marble. The Borreal Forrest which runs North/South down the center of the main landmass is home to a number of indigenous species and a healthy natural ecosystem. The rolling plains between the mountain ranges in the north and south produce the majority of food eaten by the Fidelian people. Glacial runoff from the many mountain ranges is expected to supply Fideliara with clean water for the next few hundred years (at current growth rate). Apart from Fideliara's material wealth, is its beauty with landscapes and resorts drawing a healthy tourism industry.

Major Industries

Fidelian Energy Alliance (FEA): Fideliara's largest material exports are energy, nuclear components, and energy technologies. The mining, use, and international trade of all energy components and technologies falls under a branch of the GOC FEA.

The Fidelian Energy Alliance (or Administration as some pundits refer to it) is a pseudoprivitized company responsible for meeting Fideliara's energy needs while producing a healthy export of energy and energy solutions. The widespread use of nuclear power requires constant inspections, and the implications of nuclear trade requires strict oversight by the government. As such the FEA is nearly completely controlled by the Minister of the Energy Committee and is considered by many to be a government asset.

Fidelian International News Network (FINN)

The most respected name in international news is the Fidelian International News Network. From an international perspective, news (and therefore public opinion) is one of Fideliara's primary exports. The government has attempted to stay removed from FINN to maintain its reputation as an independent unbiased source of world events. However, a recent successful bailout of their print news divisions has raised questions about the future of the company.

The company also owns several other ventures including several information and education channels and two distinguished journalism schools.

Fidelian Broadcast Company (FBC)

The largest and most powerful private entity in Fideliara. FBC owns a near monopoly in Fidelian television, radio, music, and cinema. While price caps and regulations set by congress prevent total dominance in Fideliara, FBC is allowed free reign outside of Fidelian borders and has spread to most major countries, thriving in the region's less strict free markets.

FBC owns a variety of channels rotating lineups of new and syndicated original television shows. Several subsidiary record companies produce a variety of modern music with electronica and rap being among the most prevalent. The most lucrative endeavor by the FBC is likely the eponymous Versal Studios, located in the inland city of Versal.

Versal Studios produces predominantly action-oriented cinema and shows matching Fideliara's military culture. However, a large international market for comedies and romance films has cause Versal to shift focus in recent years to meet international demand. High demand also exists for the state of the art studios and equipment located at Versal, bringing many of the worlds best writers, actors, and directors to the door of the FBC.

Urban Combat League (UCL)

The Urban Combat League is the pride of the Fidelian people and an international sports favorite (though many countries do not have their own leagues due to the dangerous nature of the sport). While technically a subsidiary of FBC, the UCL has it's own funding, corporate structure, and commissioner to alleviate concerns of fixed matches.

UCL is a military simulation game in which teams of 12 face off in urban, woodland and naval small arms CQB scenarios. Combatants are not allowed to be active duty military (though rumor insists that the top teams belong to Fidelian Special Forces). Combatants use modern weapons modified to fire rubber bullets, basic armor and face protection, some modern non-lethal gadgets, hand-to-hand combat, and squad tactics to eliminate the other team or complete an objective. Helmet, gun, and stationary cameras provide viewing angles for the event. Some small scenarios also allow for modified stadium seating.

While every precaution is taken to ensure the health of the athletes, it is a dangerous sport with an emphasis on winning rather than safety. Broken ribs, shoulders, elbows, fingers, and concussions are commonplace with few players lasting in the league more than 8-9 years.

30 teams currently exist in the UCL with athletes making between 350,000 and 5 million dollars a year. Likely the most watched intra-national sport in the region. There are currently plans by FBC to start Urban Combat Leagues in foreign countries.

National Hexball Association (NHA)

An independent private company with broadcast agreements with FBC. Despite the popularity of the UCL, Hexball is the official sport of Fideliara. The game involves two teams of 5, an inflated leather ball, a rectangular field, and two hexagonal depressions (one at each end) that slope down to a hole. The goal is for one team to get the ball into the other team's hole. One need only throw the ball into the slopped depression for the ball to inevitably roll in, however the defending team can grab the ball out of the slope so direct placement in the hole is preferable. It is a contact sport however tackling and full force collision is only allowed with the current ball carrier, so teams will often adopt fast, distance passes to keep from getting hit.

A favorite intra-nationally, hexball has little current support from other countries.

Economic Update

Recently Fideliara has undergone a depression with the near collapse of the newspaper industry. Current unemployment rate is at a century high 9.73%. Current efforts are being made to stimulate growth in private sectors to take some pressure off of the healthcare and welfare systems.
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