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 People and Society

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PostSubject: People and Society   Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:23 am

The Constitutional Monarchy of Fideliara
Live for Peace. Die for Freedom.

Domestic Statistics
Government Category Civil Rights Lovefest
Government Priority Healthcare
Economic Rating Thriving
Civil Rights Rating Excellent
Political Freedoms World Benchmark
Income Tax Rate 78%
Major Industry Book Publishing
National Animal Wolf
National Currency Fidel
Total Population 310,600,000


Noun (singular): Fidelian
Noun (plural): Fidelians
Adjective: Fidelian

English (official) 68.1%, Fidelian(official) 26.4%, Aitarian 5.5%

Protestant 31.6%, Roman Catholic 22.7%, Muslim 12.3%, None/no affiliation 21.8%, other 6.4%, Agnostic 5.2%


Fideliara is a strong socialist state with an emphasis on social programs, welfare, and education. Notable for its compulsory military service for both men and women, the state strives to maintain civil unity and tranquility.

The expansive welfare system cares for the disabled and elderly. Social spending on public healthcare has kept life expectancy high even for the lower class. Due in large part to the mandatory civil service and progressive government regulation, discrimination in nearly non-existent. Women earn an average of 95% that of men and nearly no correlation exists between ethnic group and average salary.

The country is pervaded with military culture. Action television shows and movies dominate the industry with Fideliara playing host to some of the most violent sports in the region. Soldiers in the Navy, Fideliara's most well-funded branch, comprise nearly the entirety of the country's career servicemen/women, and are deified in the culture. Despite these trends, however, crime rates are extremely low given the nations intensive education and welfare policies. Fidelians are known throughout the region for their happiness and kindness to strangers. As such, a healthy tourism industry exists. Referred to by some as an "Eden State," Fideliara is home to an infectious culture that has spread significantly to other nations through its popular sports, news, and media.

Regular elections, an easy to understand electoral process, and charismatic leaders have helped Fideliara maintain a stabilized government. Approval ratings for congress are generally very high despite the high unemployment rate and international tensions. While having the lowest GDP per capita in Tiberium, Fideliara citizens are happy with what little they have.
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People and Society
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